Current Campaign

Development of a long-term Hilltop plan is in the final stages.
In the meantime, please accept our sincerest thanks for your help with the following projects.
  • Anselm Hall renovation was completed in time for the incoming class of 180 seminarians. Improved technology, ancient carpeting in faculty offices was replaced and a state-of-the-art fire suppression system was installed
  • Three roofs have been replaced, just in time for the Oregon rainy season: the Guest House, Press Building (with the Abbey Bookstore and coffee shop) and the Fort (home of the new Benedictine Brewery)
  • Engineering and repair work for the buckling retaining wall on the north side of the monastic garden

Seminarian dormitory rooms were completed in 2009, providing clean airy simple rooms that provide students private space for studying and privacy.

In process and current planning:
  • Renovation of the monastery building. The monks' quarters are spartan at best, with concrete floors, rusted and noisy plumbing and rotting window framing. The entire structure is vulnerable to earthquakes and has never been updated with seismic and infrastructure improvements. Replacing and repairing windows is first on the priority list, since double panes will increase the building's energy efficiency. Please consider helping to conserve energy and protect our monks.


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