Library Material Digitization Project

The Library has begun the exciting task of digitizing its collection of rare manuscripts and other materials.  First important steps have been taken though the generous help of Dr. Stephen Delamarter and his associates with the Ethiopic Manuscripts Digitzation Poject, Jeremy Brown and Erik Young.  The Library hopes to obtain funding to continue digitizing all the manuscripts in its collection as well as other rare materials associated with the Civil War.

List of Currently Digitized Manuscripts

The links below are to separate pages that provide a short description of the manuscript and links to images of the manuscript.  The manuscript numbers are taken from a catalogue (1) of rare books in the Library.

Adobe Reader or similar software is needed to view the PDF version of the manuscript images.

Books of Hours
Other Books

Ethiopic Manuscripts Digitzation Project

From a publicity flyer for Dr. Delamarter's presentation at the Library of Congress on May 21, 2008:

The Ethiopian Manuscript Imaging Project has digitized more than 600 Ethiopian manuscripts in North America in the last three years and made all of the images available online. Among the holdings are 110 Ethiopic Psalters. Delamarter has studied nearly 30 different scribal practices in the Psalters using a model of statisctical analysis. Since the manuscripts have been expertly catalogued and dated, this statistical information can be plotted against time and the developments of scribal practices can be traced ... In a fascinating confirmation of the statistical analysis, historical documents from the early 19th century weave a tale of colonial pressures from without and internal resistance and change within Ethiopia.


1 McCrank, Lawrence J. The rare book and manuscript collection of the Mt. Angel Abbey Library : a catalogue and index / compiled by Lawerence J. McCrank. -- Wilmington, Del. : Scholarly Resources, 1983.