Three Novices Approved for Second Reading

of the Holy Rule

By Br. Nov. Aage Nielsen

Approval to make vows as a monks comes in three stages; beginning novitiate, second reading of the Rule and approval to make simple profession. For each new stage, approval is sought from the community in a chapter meeting. Recently approved for the second reading of the Holy Rule of Saint Benedict, this year’s novitiate class hopes to be approved to make simple profession on 8 September 2012. The second reading marks the mid point in the novitiate year. This year’s class enjoys a full schedule of ora et labora, as they engage in the Divine Office, lectio divina, private prayers and devotions, novitiate classes, house duties, grounds and janitorial, as well as incorporating some of their various professional backgrounds into their work at Mount Angel Abbey.


Br. Lorenzo Conocido’s (age 32, from The Philippines) duties include assistant organist, photography, web design, graphic art, and assistant florist.




Br. Aage Nielsen (age 47, originally from Oregon, most recently Idaho) serves as a cantor/member of the schola cantorum, formation librarian, wine cellarer, and arranger/musician, playing the douçaine (early oboe) with lead organist/choirmaster Br. Teresio for various masses and vespers.


Br. Duy Nguyen (age 31, originally from Vietnam, but raised in Orange County, California), a medical doctor, currently serves the abbey as head infirmarian, head florist and barber.